The Village Source is a boutique initiative that seeks to connect corporate organizations with the less fortunate. As a social enterprise, our niche focus is to garner a wider outreach to drive a larger social impact towards disadvantaged artisans and marginalised individuals.

The Idea

Our approach is simple ­‐ working directly with villages or authorised NGOs, we carefully source beautiful, handmade crafts made by less fortunate yet, extremely dedicated artisans. The Village Source then acts as an accessible, curated marketplace that offers such products all on a single platform. Through strong relationships between The Village Source and corporate organizations, stable and sustainable incomes can potentially be provided for through the sale of these ethically traded products. This larger footprint would in turn, enable them to provide for their families, many of whom remain unemployed.

This way, businesses also have unique opportunities to give back to communities in a way that amplifies the intentions of their employees and company mission, and at the same time serve a broader social purpose.

The Motivation

The Village Source is geared towards mindful, social consciousness covering the livelihoods of these marginalised communities, and most importantly, the ability to forge a positive social impact and empower them to lead a life of quality and dignity.